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Comfy takes your amenity information and displays the corresponding graphics on the floor plan in the app. Amenities include a description, link, and available hours.

Work Requests

Comfy integrates with existing facilities ticketing systems (including IWMS or CAFM systems), allowing users to submit a work request or flag an issue to workplace teams.


Comfy integrates with read and write access to mainstream calendar systems, and occupancy sensors, allowing users to find and book rooms on-the-go and workplace teams to optimize room usage.


Comfy integrates with a variety of occupancy sensors and offers a custom reservation system, allowing users to quickly find and book available desks and workplace teams to increase space utilization.


Comfy integrates with building systems (including VAV, CAV, FCU, UFAD, VRF, Heat Pumps) via BACnet, allowing users to warm or cool a space on-demand and workplace teams to save energy.


Comfy integrates with existing lighting systems via BACnet or API, allowing users to adjust the light levels around the office and workplace teams to save energy.

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Integrated with market leading partners

We work with partners across various building and workplace systems—from building automation to connected lighting, occupancy sensing, indoor positioning, and calendars—to create a unified workplace experience. Contact our team of experts to inquire about your system.


"Working with Comfy has been a great experience. Their passion and insight empowers strong relationships and innovation. Just how the Comfy app is changing the way people interact with their workplace, our partnership with Comfy is changing how we work with our partners."

— Rene Herrera, Technology Integration Officer



We understand that IoT and BMS cyber security are critically important to our customers. Comfy takes security very seriously, and stays updated with the latest best practices to ensure we do not create vulnerabilities in your system. Comfy undergoes regular penetration testing and is SOC 2 Type 2 certified.


Comfy Architecture

Comfy is architected to be inherently more secure. All communication between users and their buildings takes place through the Comfy Cloud, which employs multiple layers of isolation, monitoring, and alerting to ensure only authorized users have the ability to impact building operations.

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Comfy App

Comfy tests all code for security vulnerabilities and other defects before release, and regularly performs network and application scans for vulnerabilities.

Your Network

Customers access Comfy products over the internet, using industry-standard secure and encrypted connections (TLS 1.0-1.2) using high-grade 2048-bit, SHA-256 certificates.

Comfy Cloud

Comfy is run on Amazon EC2, which has extensive physical and environmental controls, including redundant power supplies, biometric identification before physical access, and other measures to ensure the security and integrity of their systems. We regularly review their ISO27001 and SOC2 reports to ensure that their security measure align with our commitments to our customers.

Comfy Gateway

The Comfy Gateway is a gateway box connected to the BMS network and secured via BACnet Lock. The software on the Comfy Gateway is configured with the minimum set of software needed to perform its function, reducing exposure to hacks.

Security Practices

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