Meet our customers

"When we move into a new space, the first question we get is, ‘Will there be coffee?’ The second is always, ‘Will we have Comfy?’"

Eric D., Workplace Executive, Fortune 500 Company

"Comfy is really great. It allows people to say, ‘This is what I want. This is how I can be my most productive.’"

Cadi W., Sr. Manager of Global Operations, AppNexus

"Using products like Comfy make it easier for tenants to engage with and personalize their experience within our buildings."

Craig R., Office Innovation Lead, Charter Hall

How we build differently


As a cloud-based, SaaS platform, Comfy scales quickly across global portfolios to deliver results.

Vendor Agnostic

In the crowded world of building tech, Comfy is the one solution that connects across all systems and vendors. 


With certifications in widely-held security best practices (SOC2) and privacy a core principle, we're a trusted infosec partner. 


We put your employees first. Thanks to our intuitive, consumer-like design, employees adopt Comfy more than other enterprise apps.

Comfy is part of Siemens!

We’re combining our strengths to create more people-centered workplaces.

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